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The idea.

atp offers you a solution that you can provide to your list of orthopedics clients. An innovative marketing that not only displays your brand and communicate your message in an effective way, but also satisfies a real need that is relevant to your brand's scope.

Instead of the obsolete giveaway ideas, and branding tools present in our market, we offer you a tool to display your brand when recalling it is most needed, in operation rooms, while writing prescriptions and when preparing for clinical presentations.

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The design.

X-DOC mobile app provides a set of marketing tools for your brand to effectively deliver your message.

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User experience.

We understand that not all good doctors are technology geeks, so we made sure XDOC interface is simple and easy to use by different user profiles.

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The client.

X-DOC is available to orthopedics anywhere only through brands. Market your innovation & get the app for your doctors list. We offer a set of standard packages below for various needs. Yet, feel free to customize your own package by clicking on this button.

The pricing.



  • 50 Active Doctors
  • 50 Branded Passwords
  • 1 Banner Included
  • No Activation Email
Upgrade to


  • 100 Active Doctors
  • 100 Branded Passwords
  • 4 Banners Included
  • Activation Email Included
  • Montly Email Newsletter Included
Exclusive Package


  • Unlimited Doctors/Passwords
  • All App Banners
  • Montly Newsletters
  • Functionality & Designs Customizations
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The results.

X-DOC has been distributed in the launch phase to a selected list of Key Opinion Leaders in the specialty.


University Staff Orthopedics


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