XDOC OverviewMedical Archiving Tools For Various Environments

Save Valuable Time

Save the time wasted in setting your mobile camera to capture good medical photos, and capture a perfect photo from the first try.

Get More Organized

Save the hassle suffered from organizing or finding your medical photos, and find them easily using a professional foldering system.

Create Medical CV

As an orthopedic, the cases you handled are your medical resume. Keep them organized to have a powerful CV that makes you proud.

Share Your Cases

Share before/after photos with your patient, ask your professional tutor for advice, or share procedure steps with your students.

X-DOC FeaturesAll the ease and control you need in medical photography

Intra-Operative Shooting

You can capture perfect operations' photos without having to setup neither your camera setting nor the room lighting.

Scans Shooting

You can capture perfect X-Rays and MRIs photos on your clinic's viewer without risking the quality & clarity of the scan's details.

Assign Medical Data

You can add medical details for your photo, in addition to your personal notes or keywords, to easily find each photo afterwards.

Share Medical Photos

You can use all the applications which support sharing; like email, watsapp or messages, to share you photos with whomever you want.

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Meat Our TeamMeet the innovative people behind X-DOC.

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    atp Vital Technologies

    Creation - Marketing - Designs
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    Needz Agency

    WEB - UI/UX
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    SilverKey Technologies

    Web & Mobile Developing

XDOC AdvantagesDetails that would make XDOC your permenant medical companion

Simple Interface

The technicalities behind XDOC functions are complicated, but your interface is as simple as making a phone call. You will not take long to get used to it.

Technical Support

In case you have any problems using X-DOC, you can contact us directly and we will solve your problem, either via our website or our hotline.

Feedback Consideration

X-DOC was created with participation of fellow orthopedic surgeons. We encourge you to drop us you feedback or ideas to make your experience even better.

Offline Functionality

We made sure you can used X-DOC in weak signal places such operations' rooms, the app requires connectivity ONLY to login.

Regular Updates

We have many more ideas for X-DOC, and we will keep providing you with more functions and benefits on regular basis.

Data Confidentiality

X-DOC does not share your work, or your patients' data with any third party, and we don't keep a copy of your photos. It is all under your control.

  • " This app made a huge difference to the capturing of my medical photos, but, what i like most is the archiving functions, it made it way easier to immediately recall any group of photos I want.."
    Dr. Mohamed Taimour | Orthopedic Surgeon
    Ain Shams University
  • " Very good idea and implementation, waiting for more awesome upgrades."
    Dr. Mahmoud Alsebaae | Orthopedic
    Al Qasr Al Aini
  • " As a brand continuosly looking for innovation, X-DOC was a very good gift for our clients, it made us build a new type of relationship with orthopedics."
    Dr. Dalia Mahmoud | Product Manager
    Sanofi Egypt

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X-DOC is available on both Adnroid & iOS platforms, you can download the mobile app using any of the below buttons. But first please register your account by clicking here to verfiy you are an orthopedic and get your access password.
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